Python Virtual Environment

Python should already be installed. Here we are using Python3. In VS Code, open the terminal, and run the script to create a folder for the Virtual Environment setup.

Create Virtual Environment

Script Explanation Script
name of a virtual environment Python
makes virtual environment -m
execute building virtual environment venv
name of virtual environment .venv
Break down of script.
python -m venv .venv

Activate Virtual Environment

Once the folder has been created, then "Activate" the Virtual Environment.

For PC

If started properly, the following notation should appear (.venv)

Deactivate Virtual Environment

If you need to deactivate VE, type the following code.



Upgrading PIP in Virtual Environment

Just from my experience, the virtual environment is very useful, but it also presents some unique challenges as well. But it's normally insignificant. Note: To call python, you can use python or py.

py -m pip install --upgrade pip

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